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Ed Alvarado, President of Premier Systems Group, began operations in 2004. Ed began his career as a nuclear engineer. He transformed his technical experience into sales experience, and he now has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience in the electronic security industry. Ed formed Premier Systems Group so that he could expertly offer products that provide access control and door entry, communication, intercom, IP speakers and public address along with networking and ethernet systems of all kinds. Ed’s experience has allowed him to represent top quality manufacturers with bestinclass performance.

Premier Systems Group is extremely customer service oriented, and Ed provides the catalyst for professional sales help, training, project development, design assistance, product recommendation, and value. Ed works closely with all parties involved in the project development process including manufacturers, architects, engineers, developers, building owners, integrators, resellers, dealers, and distributors.

We Represent Products from The Industry’s Best :



Zenitel is a worldleading provider of intelligent critical-communication solutions. Zenitel products keep people safe, by enabling everyone to hear, be heard and be understood every time and everywhere. Zenitel is a premier manufacturer of Public Address Systems, Intercom Systems, IP Speakers, Wireless Communication, and IT/IPSolutions.

KBC Networks

KBC Networks manufactures secure, industrial transmission and power solutions for a wide range of applications and markets. KBC Networks is a manufacturer of Managed Network Switches, Unmanaged Network Switches, Media Converters, Wireless Ethernet Systems, Fiber Optic Solutions, VPN Solutions, IP over UTP Solutions, and IP over Coax and UTP Solutions. Trademarked products include “Thrulink” Hardware VPN and “eCopper” IP over UTP.

Alarm Lock Systems

Alarm Lock Systems is a respected leader in the design and manufacture of commercial door technology solutions for over four decades, specializing in access and egress solutions. Products made by Alarm Lock systems include Access Locks, Magnetic Locks, along with Door and Exit Alarms. Alarm Lock Systems makes products designed to work with cylindrical locks, mortise locks, and narrow stilelocks. Trademarked products include; Air Access,Trilogy,” “sirenLock,” “ArchiTech,”and Networx.

Product Training

We assist customers at all levels. Our comprehensive training includes online training, group training, and individual training.

Product Information

We are available to assist and answer your product questions. We work longer than many to provide you the answers you need in a timely fashion.

Specification Assistance

We can help recommend the right product for the job. We can help specify products, based on your application, special situation, or regulatory needs.


We partner with the some of the very best, high quality manufacturers in the industry. We work within the frame of each manufacturer’s warranty, as they are the sole warranty provider. We become ambassadors, within the guidelines of each manufacturer’s warranty, if assistance is needed.

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